This is a partial listing of projects that I have worked on. I make a point of only listing projects that were uniquely designed by myself or a team of mine. Therefore, I do not list any class projects that I did in an academic establishment that were identical to the work of my peers. I only like to show projects on this page that were unique and a partial product of my personality and human will, rather than a curriculum that was fully designed for me.

Summer 2016

2D Beam Traced Image 2D Beam Tracer Open Source Project Live!

Spring 2016

Robot Quine
Ticket Rolls
Comparison Ice Breaker
Physics Explainer
Project Ignite: Computational Art Group

January 2016

Delauney Triangulations

Fall 2015

Helped Invent the CMU's 15-462 course.
Manifold Walker

Summer 2015

Placeholder Image Hump Yard Board Game
Scribble Segmenter.
Image Interpolators
Image 2D Fluence Ray Tracing.
Barnsley Fern Iterated Function Systems
Blog Screenshot Sorting Algorithm Visualization.

Spring 2015

Randy Pausch Bridge Randy Paush Bridge Color Connections Show
Lock Free Maze Synthesis
Parallel Painting
String Compiler
Placeholder Image Toy Train Simulator
The Bryce Graphical Language

Uncategorized as of yet

Musical Pendulum
Travel World Image Light Maze (Travel World)
Hand Art Project
Pencils and Erasers Thumbnail Pencils and Erasers
Brownian Motion Simulator Brownian Motion Simulator
Placeholder Image Peterson Graph Sand Etching

Summer 2014

Placeholder Image Logic Blocks Game
Train Tracks Animation
Placeholder Treap Implementation

Summer 2013

Bryce Font 2 BryceFont
Summers Camp Image Summers CAMP
Awesome Java Code Data Structures. Computer Algebra. Game Engine Font Rendering. Elaborate set of GUI Components Parallel Renderer, Bryce Shaders i.e (Color Calculators), Anti_Aliaser, etc Convergant Ray Marcher.
Utilities, including File I/O, key input, serializing and deserializing mathematical structures such as algebraic expressions, parentheses parsing, Bryce Font 2 exporter, image factory, support for arrays of genaric defined types, etc.

High School

Placeholder Image Negative Feedback Rules
Placeholder Image Rendering
Image Beach Simulations
Placeholder Image Mandelbrot Color Cycler

Elementary School

Irrigation System image Irrigation System Project