Comparison Ice Breaker

Comparison Ice Breaker Diagram


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I have designed an icebreaker where people interact through the mechanism of comparators as in comparison based algorithms. Each person receives a symbol and they may mutually compare symbols. If they are dilligent enough they may sort themselves entirely through this information. I have constructed a paper prototype which may be viewed and printed here. In it every person's symbol is printed in grey on their card and given any two cards, the relationship between them is in the lower right hand corner of one of them. For instance if the person holding the 11 leaf clover sees a four leaf clover on their card with a less than card, this means that 11 leaf clovers are less than 4 leaf clovers in this abstract comparison.

Future Improvements.

  1. This activity may be improved by using symbols less visually related to numbers.
  2. It could also be implemented using mobile devices such as cell phones where the comparision reported via automatic sensing and feedback, rather than manual paper based lookup tables.