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Artisic Programming

This is the official page for resources related to the CMU Project Ignite group focused on making art from visual and sound based programming. Please see the Project Ignite general organization page here.


Theory and Techniques Discussions Programming Discussions
  1. Introduction to Image Rendering
  2. Images (2D signals), Colors, Sampling, Array Packings, Objects vs. Representations.
  3. Interpolation
  4. Interpolation, Smooth Step Functions, Tons of example functions, Useful Processing Tool (only works with Processing 2.0), Spline Interpolation, CMU 15-462 Assignment about making a keyframe editor, Bicubic Interpolation, Cool GIF.
  1. Processing Basics
  2. setup(), draw(), window size, drawing a background, strokes/fill color, points, lines, stroke weights, shapes.
  3. Java Programming Basics
  4. variables, primitive number types, operators, control flow, loops.


Processing Visual Creative

More Resources

Notes Awesome Books
  • The Art of Fluid Animation
  • A wonderful and fun introduction to fluid animation by Jos Stam.
  • Data Structure and Network Algorithms
  • A fantastic and conscise book about data structures and some standard graph algorithms that use them.
    It is written by Robert Endre Tarjan who is a legendary algorithm and data structue inventor.

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