15-462 Fall 2015

Intro To Computer Graphics at Carnegie Mellon University

What Transpired

During the Fall 2015 iteration of 15-462, I was a member of a team of people that reinvented the Introduction to Computer Graphics course at Carnegie Mellon University from the ground up. Here is a link to the course webpage.

My Contributions

I led the development of a student assignment about mesh proccessing called meshEdit.
I also led the development of an assignment about writing a key frame animation program.
I contributed Options G and H for the 5th assignment, where we let the students choose their own final projects. My options involved Iterated function Systems and 2D Fluence Rendering.
I wrote a C++ Programming Guide to help those students who were writing c++ for the first time.
I held weekly office hours, wrote comments on the course webpage, and met with students one-on-one by appointment.