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Intellectual Community Building Lab

Directed by Bryce Summers

The Intellectual Community Building Lab seeks to expand the audience for various academic disciplines by creating compelling works of media and tools for expression. We are currently actively working to serve two main communities: Computer Graphics (a subfield of Computer Science) and Transportation Engineering respectively.

Computer Graphics Transportation Engineering

We seek to make the mathematical theory and pragmatic application of the field of Computer Graphics as accessible as possible, especially for motivated people who find reading the traditional literature to be frustrating.
Symbiotically, we seek to develop new algorithms and tools to enable to people to express their Computer Graphics understandings and utilize more of the knowledge from the field, such as the use of Halfedge data structures.

In collaboration with the NYU Transportation Engineering department, we are creating the Sim Urban computer game about transportation engineering principles. We plan to use the game to better inform the public about the descisions being made in their communities, while also using it to form a new national academic competion, where students can demonstrate their knowledge.


We are currently located at the Tandon School of Engineering in Brookly, NY, USA.
More specifically, we are at the Integrated Digital Media Program.

Join Us

If you want to collaborate, please send an email to Bryce Summers at bs3363 [at] nyu [dot] edu Please use the subject "ICBL_Collaboration_Request", since it will help me see the email. Also, please think about what you would like to contribute to the effort, since collaborations only work out when both parties are able to clearly articulate their motivations for the endeavor. Here are some example reasons that I would want to collaborate with you:

Thank you for visiting the ICBL!