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This website contains the work of Bryce Summers and collaborators in three main categories. Some curated highlights are shown on this page and many more can be found on each categories' page. This site is a perpetual work in progress, so if you see any ideas that you don't like, please engage me in dialogue. My ideas may be underdeveloped, so you can check whether they seem consistant to my statement of values.

I make and improve tools for human to human communication. If it is not a tool or doesn't feel like I am contributing to solving the problem of human to human communication, then I am less interested in the work.

Consultancy Research Art / Products
Augmented Hand Series Computer Graphics Research
Transportation Engineering Research
Consultancy, my work with clients, including Artists and Organizations. This opens my mind to new ideas and work going on in the wider world. Research, my research is mostly centered around Computer Graphics, Game Design, education, and visual media. Art, my art projects and commercial products I have produced.


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I spend most of my time each year at the Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn, NY, USA.
More specifically, I am a master's student at the Integrated Digital Media Program.


Please send emails to: bryce [at] bryceworks [dot] org

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