Art Practice

My art practice consists of personal projects and larger commercial products that are meaningful to me. Sometimes they about my observations of the world, sometimes they might be my imagination of things I haven't experienced, or

A listing of our projects will be coming in the future. For now, please see my older work.

Project Name Image Description Links
Encoded Geometry I was amazed by kolmogrov complexity and that lines of code could encode all of the information necessary to reproducibly generate an image of objects from our world. I have had lots of experience around musical instruments, so I chose to encode my own versions of a trumpet, an English Horn, and a bassoon. I've know meaningful people who have played each of these instruments. Personally, I play the bassoon.
Clairinet Illustration An illustration for an i-phone cover for my sister.
Bryce Font I was annoyed that lots of stuff on my computer was copyrighted and it seemed like any creative work I produced would fall victim to copyright infringement at some level. So, I decided to encode my own fonts to dig one level deeper into feeling a sense of agency in my computational visuals.
Java Data Structures I wrote many data structure during the summer of 2013. I was amazed when I ended up with some of the same design descisions as the professionals that made many of the standards. I saw that there was room for convergent thinking in Computer Science. I also believed that I couldn't take myself seriously if I hadn't actually gone and implemented that data structures that seemed critical for the type of work that I liked to do.
Beach Graph Drawings Dedicated to John. I've drawn graphs, of the vertices and edges variety, on my favorite beach.
Travel World
Parallel Painting A project dedicated to Kayvon. I investigated applying parrallel programming processes to family painting.
Ticket Rolls
Robo Quine An art project about theoretical computer science and the fixed point theorem in computer languages. The Robo Quine is a robot that types its own source code.
The Computer Graphic Novel


Here is a list of the tools that I have invented.

Name Image Description Link
Summers Camp Users create linear algebra computations like they would on paper, but arithmetic is handled by the computer.
Planar Beam Tracer Users create Illuminated svg files.
Sim Urban Sim Urban is a transportation network visualization tool. It remains to be seen where it will lead.

Algorithms and Data Structures

Here is a partial list of algorithms and data structures that I have implemented for fun and joy. Since most of these have been invented before, these programming projects are art with an audience of myself, where I get to experience the feelings of having implemented them from the logical Turing complete ground of a programing language on up.

Name Image Description Link

Video Games

Here is a list of the video games that I have designed.

Name Image Description Link
Color Game My first game, it was all about the mechanics, becuase I thought the graphics were beneath my consideration. Naturally, I learned that the graphics were important and I dedicated a great deal of time to learning how to make them better or more meaningful.
Parking Game A game all about finding a parking space. Too close and it takes more time, too far away and the passengers have longer to walk to the destination.

Tabletop Games

Especially when I am busy programming non-games, I've found board games to be one of the purest pursuits for practicing the art of pure playtest based iterative design. I have no qualms at all about selling board games for money.

Name Image Description Link
Negative Feedback Players run out of cards from their hands mysteriously by taking cards from their opponents. A card game about negative feedback loops.
Table Set Players collect sets of silverware to set the table and eat food at the family dinner table.
Hump Yard Players score points by differentiating their train classification yard services. A tile laying board game about data structure and algorithms.

Thank you for your interest in my work.