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About Bryce Summers


Please send emails to: bryce [at] bryceworks [dot] org


First and foremost Bryce describes himself as Bryce, but here are some possible professions that he would partially describe himself by.


More Specific

The Craft


My mission is to broaded the community of people who are excited about mathematical, scientific, technical, and theoretical ideas and empower them to apply the implications of the ideas in their lives and work. I want more people to put their names on their work. I also want to combat apathy towards these types of thinking.


I create media products and production processes used to tell stories about the technical details of ideas.

The emphasis is on visual media, which includes imagery, computer games, graphic novels, animations, animated television series, computational tools, interfaces, mazes, sand castles, coloring books, line drawings, motion graphics, etc. A few projects have also involved tactile media, such as the "Hump Yard" board game about data structures an algorithms that uses custom made toy manipulatives to provide a Computer Science experience that doesn't involve a computer. Some projects also involve auditory media, such as a musical that is currently in the works that seeks to expand popular conceptions of mathematics.

I tend to make these works in small teams. 'Small' allows for better creative direction and because I want sophisticated media productions to be made with smaller budgets so that educators can use media to help their students without being prohibited by cost and so that people can more easily express the amazing ideas floating in their heads, including those I may not understand. 'Team' ensures that I have people to bounce my ideas off of and every creative project improves when their are more motivated perspectives working on it.