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About Bryce Summers


Please send emails to: summoose [at] gmail [dot] com


Bryce is a current Masters Student in the Integrated Digital Media program at New York University. Previously he studied computer science and bassoon playing at Carnegie Mellon University. He is interested in Computer Graphics, Education, and game design, and seeks to create media that conveys systematic knowledge such as that in the field of Computer Science in a more sophisticated and visual manner.

Bryce has researched and developed algorithms for large companies like Autodesk, has developed algorithms for New Media artists, has done creative work for clients such as creating an interactive children's storybook and animating a letter waterfall, has created numerous personal art projects, has invented tabletop and digital games, and has some interesting projects in the works.


If you would like to learnn a bit more about my work, here is a link to my portfolio.