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I imagine a world where abstract ideas are part of the mainstream culture and where more people have the opportunity to study computer science and other technical disciplines. I imagine animations and stories being about these things. I work to expand the ways that people are educated. I want to bring in more of a person's senses. How do we better overcome the subjectivity problem in the context of education? I study media's use in education and helping learn about their reality. I am an educator and media theorist, and an Artist as far as communicating my love for the things I have learned.

First and foremost Bryce describes himself as Bryce, but here are some possible professions that he would partially describe himself by.


More Specific

The Craft

I prefer work that is meant to affect other people's minds, rather than work that provides some sort of afforded physical service. I would rather inform people about methods of making pipes, than sell them actual pipes to bring them water. I prefer to work on projects where I am able to use my work in future projects. When working for others, I prefer to work as a service, where they pay me for my time, but I can still use the code, images, etc. that I produce in my future work. I like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km6bLtiSSq4 I make projects that try to communicate something to its users. That is what makes me happy and feel fulfilled. I am curious about how computers can communicate with us. Human conversation when towards an end amounts to a binary search on meanings. We ask questions in order to synthesize our interpretations of a particular work or concept. In the conversation, every question and phrase is curated based on what the learned knows and wants to know. The two people can apply indirect phrasings when they have shared understanding and this short hand yields pleasure, because both people feel close. The communication of ideas is my greatest curiosity. I want to use computers to enhance human communication. My interest in gaming is that it mutates the social dynamics present in reality and allows people to express themselves more to me than they otherwise would. Computer games provided experiences that I couldn't get in the real world like building a city. As I learned how to program, my need for computer games diminished somewhat, but now I want to build them to scalfold others. I like doing things by trying and failing. I can't usually do things the first time without experience, so I need the experience of trying and failing first before I can eventually learn. I used to not like doing things with uncertain outcomes, such as aplying for schools or jobs, because I didn't want to waste my time on something that doesn't produce a desirable outcome in accordance to perfect time managed life theory. What I now believe is that I should focus on the experience and things learned along the way. The things I learn by applying to a school, job, award, relationship, etc matter more sometimes than whether I got what I wanted, because they inform my knowledge of who I am and how I might act in the future. I don't limit myself to the science of objective reality. I believe strongly in the science of the self, where I seek to test out which behaviors of mine reproduce the same emotional outcomes.


I have two main internal personality traits / drivers: If some of the most motivated people going to the best educational program for their field can't learn what they are searching for without undue emotional cost, then something is wrong or this is a problem to be solved. It is also a problem when people can't separate the joy and importance of a discipline from the money that flows through it. Many of the most intelligent hard working people are paid less when they try to do more. I believe that Computer Science may be used to solve problems of the self. I also want to use computer science to improve the tools for others to communicate the things they want to tell me.

Why do I make art about computer science?

Why isn't there more art about Computer Scientists?

I think it is because most Computer Scientists who have the life experience which they could share are by their nature more interested in creating the pipes that deliver content and data, rather than making the content itself. Also, it can be hard to pin down something as specific and emotional as one's own feelings. It is taking me at least two years of dedicated study to adapt my mathematical mindset to a human experience one.

What does it mean to investigate the science of the self. Why do I spend time articulating my reasons, when I could just say it makes me happy? In my past, people I care about have attacked my interests questioning why I won't go save the world for them by becoming a software engineer or why I'm fixated on education, when games and stories are meant for entertainment. While some people may accept that a bassoon player simply likes the sound of their instrument, that an astronomer is interested in the stars, it is difficult for people to accept that I pursue Computer Science as a means of finding joy and helping others find joy. An Artist can emerge from any field or interest. There is nothing about Computer Scientific knowledge that provides a moral imperative that prevent a person from applying that knowledge to the creation of art. For that matter, art is no less useful that Computer Science. The world needs people solving the problems of physicality with Computer Science, but it also needs people like me who are solving the problems of emotion, dreams, and inspiration, necessary for people to pursue this field. So, the reason I articulate my reasons is so that I am able to confidantly respond and defend myself against the narrow minded views that may try to convince me that my interests are not worthwhile or prudent. Blog Posts I should write: Science of the self, theory of marginal logical leaps / learning flow, emotion theory, mathematics vs. human exerience. People don't stand perfectly in lines, bus people / train people. I like diners, Cheeseburgers, silverware, subway stations, trains, infrastructure, musical instruments, Computers. I'm interested in Sand Castles, Mining, the weather.


I have several notable external traits that inform the way I interact and am experienced by other people.

Some resonant quotes I made up

Why do I do what I do?

I make art about understanding Computer Science. I make it because there are young people out there who could dream about Computer Science. I want invite them on the journey, even when the people around them might only know to call them an engineer, provide emotional support on the way there, even when the members of this field are not always as emotionally open, and help people build up the confidance in themselves to pursue their dreams relentlessly, even when the road is rocky and prospects for financial and community support seem dim.

Also, as our society becomes more complex, and people need to do more complicated work, I want to help more people to overcome the emotional hurdles in learning these beautiful ideas, which may be able to support them through their lives.

The other half of my work is doing Computer Science to improve the processes by which people make art and communication objects, like teaching materials. Many people have a gift for a certain way of thinking and people will come along in this world who will know a better ways of doing things. I want them to be able to share their perspective with the world so that I and the others will be able to learn from them.


I want communication to be filled with more love, effort, and empathy for the other. Only then will our audience continue to dream and will our message find alignment with their emotions. I want people to dream about mathematical, scientific, technical, and theoretical ideas if they so choose and have the power to devote their existance to these topics. I want people to have the power and confidance to put their names on their work. I want to combat apathy towards these types of thinking, especially the invisible infrastructure and abstract ideas coloring the way we live.


I improve the tools for communication between human beings. Not the infrastructure that carries the message, but the messages themselves. I am particularly interested in non peer to peer communication, such as with experts and students. I am also interested in the deeply subjective, tools for individuals with amazing ideas, rather than tools for objective users abstracted to a few common behaviors.

The emphasis is on visual media, which includes imagery, computer games, graphic novels, animations, animated television series, computational tools, interfaces, mazes, sand castles, coloring books, line drawings, motion graphics, etc. A few projects have also involved tactile media, such as the "Hump Yard" board game about data structures an algorithms that uses custom made toy manipulatives to provide a Computer Science experience that doesn't involve a computer. Some projects also involve auditory media, such as a musical that is currently in the works that seeks to expand popular conceptions of mathematics.

I tend to make these works in small teams. 'Small' allows for better creative direction and because I want sophisticated media productions to be made with smaller budgets so that educators can use media to help their students without being prohibited by cost and so that people can more easily express the amazing ideas floating in their heads, including those I may not understand. 'Team' ensures that I have people to bounce my ideas off of and every creative project improves when their are more motivated perspectives working on it.