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Parallel Painting

I have developed a new method of collaborative painting where a group of people create works of art together in parallel.

The method

  1. A theme is chosen, which each person must be working towards.
  2. Each person is responsible for a single color of paint and is given a blank canvas.
  3. Each person uses their color of paint and a paint brush to make 3 strokes on the canvas.
  4. The canvasses are then passed in a circle in a clockwise manner.
  5. The 3 stroke turns and passings continue until the cooperative agrees that the painting is done.

Short Artistic Statement

This project tries to make the abstract concept of parallel computation more concrete through the abstraction of painting. This project is inspired by and dedicated to Kayvon, my 15-418 Instructor, who is interested in both Computer Science and painting.

The Performance

Video Documentation coming in the future.

The Paintings

Higher Quality
Parallel Programming Image 1
Parallel Programming Image 2
Parallel Programming Image 3
Parallel Programming Image 4

Fun The Mental