Bryce Summers

Computer Graphics • Computational Geometry • Algorithm Design • Art • Bassoon

Availible for consulting opportunities in media arts • game design • interactive media • educational software • creative technology.
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Lives in: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Greetings, my name is Bryce Summers and I've been writing computational geometry and rendering algorithms for 6+ years. I've also written my fair share of computer algebra systems, data structures, font rendering systems, etc.

I enjoy assisting artists and designers with their computer science needs, especially where such assistance results in the creation of open-source software that solves interesting, hard problems. I'm familiar with OpenFrameworks, Processing, and other popular toolkits for arts-engineering. I think that I am rather good at translating technical papers into high-performance code and solving new problems. I can work in C++, Javascript, Java, Python, or essentially any language you need.

I also have a broad background in the Fine Arts, especially bassoon playing and photography. I would be happy to employ any of my developed talents to help you out.


"Bryce Summers has saved my ass on at least three occasions. One time he wrote a graph algorithm that had literally stumped me for fifteen years, enabling me to make a project that I'd essentially given up on. He also programmed a linear algebra solution that was key to making one of my major projects able to work in real time. Bryce is an exceptionally unusual person: a computer science expert who loves to work with artists and designers. He delivers performant, reliant code, and is a pleasure to work with. I recommend him without reservation!"
- Golan Levin, Carnegie Mellon University.


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