Week 4

by Bryce Summers


Here is my new favorite question: How can media communicate prescise thinking?

Search Terms: visual teaching Interest: Communicating Mathematical Structure and ideas through imagery and play. What is a specific problem that I want to solve? How do I want to change the world? I want to improve the depths to which we communicate with each other. I want us to communicate at a deeper level and communicate with less frustration. I want people to better express the opinions and ideas lurking inside of them. I want communication to not detract from individual creativity. In order to do this, I need to listen to the ideas and institutions that already exist and work smartly to improve them, rather than wasting time on my memories of anger.

Literature Review

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Name thoughts
Eisner's A Contract with God Is the First Graphic Novel Seeing the evolution of the Graphic novel medium may be useful for putting image based narrative in historical context with written based forms.
Fifth Graders' Enjoyment, Interest, and Comprehension of Graphic Novels Compared to Heavily-Illustrated and Traditional Novels If my Computer Graphics Graphic novel is to be novel and useful, this study may shed some light on what benefits researchers have found for the medium, when compared to traditional writing.
Using Every Word and Image: Framing Graphic Novel Instruction in the Expanded Four Resources Model It seems that educators are solving some practical issues regarding the use of Graphic Novels in the classroom.
"Graphic Novels Are Real Books": Comparing Graphic Novels to Traditional Text Novels Any and all comparative studies should prove useful.
Original Articles: Distinct influences of affective and cognitive factors on children’s non-verbal and verbal mathematical abilities Since I'm interested in subjectivity and cognitive load, this article may shed some light on what people have tried in a math learning setting.
When math operations have visuospatial meanings versus purely symbolic definitions: Which solving stages and brain regions are affected? I'm wondering how image planes and spatial mental models and reasoning can be mapped to interesting imagery. This article looks like it is pondering the spatiality of certain mathematical meanings that don't always translate well to notation systems.
Illustrations making meaning? Young pupils encountering explanatory pictures and models in science and maths education Maybe this article will shed light on the attempts thus far to use visual and spatial cues in science and math education. I suppose that the world of researchers have done a lot more work than I thought.
What is math? Exploring the perception of elementary pre-service teachers I'm curious about the differences in the perception of what math is among grade school and college teachers. When I was in grade school, math was viewed as a computational discipline and when I was in college, it became a means of argumentation.
Eighth Grade Students Conceptions of How Engineers Use Math and Science in the Field of Engineering: A Comparison of Two Cohorts I hope to learn whether young students have much of an idea about the motivation for the things they are learning. I'm wondering why people become apathetic once they get to college, or why college is set to a bar that allows people to halt their learning, because they don't need the full learning experience to get a job.
Considering Cognitive Factors in Interest Research: Context Personalization and Illustrations in Math Curricula I wonder what has been tried to make mathematics more interesting to students.
Fostering Creativity through Computing I wonder if science and math could be taught through creativity, rather than conformity.
An Artist Friendly Material Design System Branching out, I'm wondering what the state of the art tools are like for creating specific visualities for conveying ideas.
Animation Use as an Educational Material and Animation Techniques I'm wondering where people have tried integrating animation into curriculums and why it is not being used for teaching College Computer Science.
Design Research on Inquiry-Based Multivariable Calculus: Focusing on Students' Argumentation and Instructional Design I've noticed that there are better ways to teach multivariable calculus than the ways that I was taught. I hope to learn by reading this article whether education researchers are aware of these techniques and what they have tried to improve this subject.
A Web-based Tutorial for the Nemeth Braille Code for Mathematics and Science Notation Writing systems intrigue me, especially those like mathematical notation that I feel unmotivated to wade through. I wonder how they go about converting these already difficult symbols to Braille.
Who Builds a House without Drawing Blueprints? This seems like a software engineering article and describing a system in higher and higher levels of abstraction.
Communication of Mathematics with TEX TEX is the standard computational tool for formmating mathematics research papers. I might as well read a few articles about its usage.
Stairway to Heaven: The Abstract Method and Levels of Abstraction in Mathematics This seems to be an article describing various fields of mathematical inquiry, including topology. It would be interesting to see where the gaps are between the fields.
Supporting Clear and Concise Mathematics Language
Visual Teaching Model for Introducing Programming Languages
A glimpse at the metaphysics of Bongard problems Bongard problems are images that communicate properties by placing many diagrams containing the property on the left and many diagrams without the property on the right.
Combining Computational and Social Effort for Collaborative Problem Solving This seems to be an article about human communication.
Musical bongards Extending the diagramatic Bongard diagrams, this article creates bongard diagrams using musical notation. Western notation contaiing the property is displayed on the left and notation withouth the property is displayed on the right.
Visual teaching and learning in the fields of engineering I'm curious about how visual media has been used in the fields of engineering.

Interview Questions

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